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Aerial Surveying and Images for Home and Farm

Do you want to know more about your landscape? The kind of information that is only possible from a bird’s eye point of view? The detail and immediacy that online maps can never compete with? Well look no further, we use unmanned aircraft to carry out an aerial survey, analysing the data to present you with the information you need in a format you understand and can use.

Aerial Map

Flying over the whole site taking vertical photos, building an orthophoto. The resulting image is similar to a satellite view, but with a far higher level of detail and on a date that you choose. This is very useful to show the changes of a site over time.

Aerial Survey

Constructing a map as above, but then analysing the individual photos to generate a 3D model of the whole site. From this model we can extract the specific data you need, such as elevation and slope.

Real Estate Photography

Taking photos/videos to show a property from a bird’s – eye view. Many properties simply cannot be seen at their best from ground level. Even taking the camera up to 30 metres or so allows a house to be seen in relationship to it gardens or the surrounding landscape.

Example Surveys

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Gallifrey Survey
Gallifrey Permaculture

Aerial Survey
Silver Tree Steiner School